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With your ears you will hear a word from behind you: "This is the way; stay on it, whether you go to the right or to the left." Isaiah 30:21 CJB

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Outline Study of Baptism


Outline Study of Baptism

John’s Baptism
     Baptism John the Baptist immersed repentant sinners: those who had a change of mind and heart (John 1:6, 11). John’s baptism—for Jews and Gentiles—involved the same elements later interpreted in Christian baptism: repentance, confession, evidence of changed lives, coming judgment, and the coming of the kingdom of God through the Messiah, who would baptize with the Spirit and with fire (Matt. 3:11). John thus formed a purified community waiting for God’s great salvation.

Christian Baptism
     (Note that Jesus did not do the water baptizing; His disciples did—John 4:1-2.) Jesus’ baptism and the baptizing by His disciples thus connected baptism closely with the Holy Spirit. When Jesus comes into a life, the Holy Spirit comes with His saturating presence and purifies. He empowers and cleanses the believer in a spiritual baptism.
The institution of baptism
     Christian baptism was instituted by Jesus (Matt. 28:19, 20).      
Meaning of baptism and dipping
     These were effected by immersion, and the same word, “washings” (Heb. 9:10, 13, 19, 21) or “baptisms,” is used of them all. Baptisms recorded in Acts All of the instances of baptism recorded in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 2:38–41; 8:26–39; 9:17, 18; 22:12–16; 10:44–48; 16:32–34) suggests the idea that it was by dipping the person who is being baptized into water.
The purpose and result of baptism
     To become children of God by faith
     To set a person free from sins
     To set a person free from sins
     To become a disciple
     To be able to enter the kingdom of God
     To be united to Jesus
     To be made alive in Jesus
     To call on the name of the Lord so that our sins might be washed away
     To have a clear conscience
Baptism of Christ
     For this purpose he came to John, who was the representative of the law and the prophets, that by him he might be introduced into his offices, and thus be publicly recognized as the Messiah of whose coming the prophecies and types had for many ages borne witness.
     Fire is one of the physical manifestations of God’s presence.
     God’s presence as fire represented both judgment and purification (the words purify and purge come from the Greek word for fire). To be in God’s presence is to be in the presence of absolute holiness where no sin or unrighteousness can stand.
     Ever since the days of Joel, God’s people have looked for the pouring out of God’s Spirit
     (Joel 2:28-32).
     Baptism of Fire for one specific aspect of being baptized with the Spirit
     One baptized with the Holy Spirit is also empowered to do works of ministry
     (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8).
Baptism and conversion
    Bible conversions consisted of
          Hearing: Rom. 10:13–17
          Believing: Acts 2:44
          Repenting: Acts 2:38

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