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He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

warner_home_ministry_international.gifFirm Foundation Ministry and Warner Home Ministry International strongly believe that there are many men and women who are leaders in the church. Firm Foundation Ministry and Warner Home Ministry International is in the process of working out all of the details for this self-study Course to help men and women develop the skills they need for the work of ministry. Warner Home Ministry International and Firm Foundation Ministry strongly believes that this self-study course will help those who are considering doing the work of an evangelist, missionary, elders, and becoming ordained ministers. In addition, this self-study course is designed to inspire, equip, and train men and women for the work of ministry.

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This self-study course if you decide to study it completely it will take you about three years as the Lord taught His Disciples for three years during His ministry here on earth before He sent them out to minister. Furthermore, it is well to note again that this self-study course was developed for men and women who are seeking their call to ministry or the work of the Lord to gain an full understanding or spiritual knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and the work that God and Christ has assigned each of us to do in the church. Firm Foundation Ministry and Warner Home Ministry International gives unto you the invitation for all Christians to be part of this self-study course to gain a better understanding of God’s will in your life. This course of ministry study was also developed for a school of ministry at Firm Foundation Ministry where they believed that they needed a school to train, inspire, equip, to release leaders unto nations so they established Kingdom Builders School for Ministry. Again, it is well to note: We believe that this course will inspire you as well as equip you with the spiritual knowledge you need to proclaim the gospel of Christ.


Please take time to study daily with us here at Warner Home Ministry International to help yourself developed a personal relationship with God and His Son.


Pastor William W Warner Jr

Welcome to Warner Home Ministry International 

Come take a journey in a spiritual reality of the Holy Scriptures Make your journey a spiritual reality within.

The lips of the righteous feed many: but fools die for want of wisdom Proverbs 10:22

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Warner Home Ministry International felt they need to be about learning mode to inspire people to become Disciples of Christ. The Holy Word of God is our inspiration and insight for learning of God. We humbly say that in our hearts we realize that others have different views. This does not make them or us correct. However, Warner Home Ministry International believes that a good healthy competition with a clear presentation from the Bible will help others so that they and us can excel in spiritual thinking.     

We hope to excel by striving to touch the next generation of the church to teach and train them to do the work of the Lord. More so, than ever before do we Christian leaders need to better our spiritual knowledge preserve and communicate the insights of God’€™s will for ourselves as well as for others. For the Lord God Almighty has given to us the material of the Holy Scriptures to develop spiritual growth. Furthermore, it is our desire to enhance individual’€™s personal experience with God’s Holy Word to make a difference in their lives. 


Sharing From the Heart
Beverly J Warner

Beverly believes that feelings should come from the heart. She likes to write what her heart feels for her love for God and the truth that love comes from sharing from the heart.